Fall Treatments That Will Keep Your Trees Happy and Healthy

At Perficut we don’t take tree health lightly! Our team of experienced technicians cares about your trees just as much as you do. Keeping your mature trees healthy and growing strong means they need specialized care, and there’s no better time to do that than the fall.

Caring for your trees not only helps preserve your landscaping but can also save you money in the future. It’s much more costly to replace a mature tree than it is to regularly treat and trim the trees around your home. Mature trees add to your property value and provide energy savings by keeping your home shaded during the warmer months.

Autumn is a crucial time in the treatment cycle of your trees because the added nutrients go further as trees begin to enter dormancy. Learn why Board Certified Arborist Mindy Charron believes late-season treatment is so important and how the Perficut team can help keep your trees happy and healthy.

Late Season Tree Treatments

Iron Injection

Over time some trees can experience an iron deficiency that could can negatively impact their growth. Iron deficient trees often have limp or yellowing leaves, which can lead to permanent damage over time. Iron injections are an easy and effective way to treat this problem and help reverse the impact of the deficiency.

The iron injection treatments our team uses in the fall use a stronger formula meaning it lasts longer and is more effective.

Root Fertilization

Like all plants, trees require certain essential minerals to function and grow. Root fertilization is just one way that you can help improve your trees’ overall health. Not only does this process help with above-ground growth but it also helps fine roots grow stronger and deeper.

Fall is the best time for this type of treatment because trees are beginning to go dormant and temperatures are cooling down, making the fertilizing formula more effective.

Growth Regulating Hormone

Trees take in nutrients through their fine root systems. But in order to ensure the long-term health of your trees it’s important to make sure they’re taking in the right nutrients and growing at the correct rate. Perficut’s team is experienced in delivering a growth regulating hormone that slows outward growth but helps increase the development of root systems while the tree is dormant.

Seasonal Pruning

While some trees can be pruned all year round, some varieties must be dormant to be properly trimmed. In Iowa, oak trees in particular require late-fall or winter trimming to prevent the spread of oak wilt. Regular pruning can improve tree structure, enhance vigor and maintain safety, especially when it comes to the larger, mature trees around your home.

Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Arborist today!

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