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Don’t let the winter weather slow you down! Our team of qualified professionals is ready to spring into action when Old Man Winter arrives and help keep your site safe.

We understand that safety and accessibility of your site can have a dramatic impact on your business’ profitability. That’s why each of our clients receive a customized winter site management plan. From plowing to deicing, we help our clients mitigate winter risk by removing hazards and helping prevent costly accidents. Choosing Perficut means resting assured that when inclement weather arrives, your business won’t be negatively impacted.

Perficut is an industry-leading site management company dedicated to serving critical commercial sites such as hospitals and clinics, high traffic retail and corporate locations, and shipping and manufacturing centers. We provide our clients with customized winter site management plans that feature our comprehensive, SN9001 accredited, eight-step snow and ice management program.








The central focus of every one of our snow and ice management plans is risk mitigation and safety. Managing risk at our clients’ properties means seeing and anticipating outcomes before they occur and holding fast to processes that mitigate risk. Perficut leads the industry in this area because we understand that the safety and accessibility of your site can have a dramatic impact on your profitability.

Step 1: Training

Perficut has developed an industry-leading training program that educates employees and service partners on 23 winter site management topics.

Step 2: Pre-season Inspection

Your pre-season site inspection establishes removal priorities, identifies site-specific safety issues, evaluates snow storage capacity and location, addresses surface runoff issues, and assesses the impact of any unattractive nuisance concerns or local ordinances.

Step 3: Snow Planning

Every site has a site map and snow plan that provides detailed instructions for performance. Before winter weather arrives, each site is marked with high visibility stakes based off a custom site map and snow plan developed for you.

Step 4: Weather Monitoring

Perficut has continuous weather monitoring through an independent meteorologist and a team of dedicated, trained personnel who are available 24/7. When winter weather is on the way, you’ll hear about it from us first.

Step 5: Snow Removal

With a team of more than 250 snow professionals and a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, we offer comprehensive snow and ice services, including snow plowing, sidewalk management, de-icing and snow-hauling.

Step 6: Documentation

The best way to reduce costly slip-and-fall claims is to document the condition of your property before, during and after a snow event, which is why Perficut has developed an industry-leading, data-driven, cloud-based documentation system. The complete inspection is documented in our proprietary software as it is performed and the report is then sent to you with a snow plan before any services are performed.

Step 7: Equipment Maintenance

Our fleet is supported by a maintenance shop and team of trained professionals who are available 24/7.

Step 8: Audit

Perficut audits the performance of its team with four levels of review: real-time operator reporting, post-event review by an account manager, an internal audit, and an independent external audit.

When we put out an RFP for our site maintenance, Perficut rose to the top automatically. They have a commitment to the task at hand and the quality of their work is always amazing. Matt (Boelman) and the Perficut team are dedicated to relationships and always go above and beyond expectations. Perficut is a company that gets the job done — even if it’s outside of their scope. They truly do it all!

– Diane Cummings


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