Start Early to Grow a Healthier Lawn

Green, lush, soft, and thick—we want lawns that reach this ultimate ideal. At Perficut, we take the steps to help you achieve your own turf nirvana. Our team of experienced technicians, specialized equipment, and formulated treatments come together to build your lawn’s health, strength, and resiliency. We start early and finish late, so your lawn gets continual, targeted care.

To reach its peak summertime green, treatments begin in early spring. Now is the time to schedule a visit from a Perficut team member.



A healthy lawn is one that breathes and drains. And Perficut’s core aeration service is the method that achieves both. As a lawn gets compacted over time from normal activities, the surface of the soil gets harder and more impenetrable. Clippings from mowing and trimming also settle on the soil surface, weaving a thick layer of thatch that prevents hydration, fertilizer, sunlight, and oxygen from getting through to the roots. Likewise, a compacted lawn can become a soggy, boggy mess if water trapped under the surface can’t escape. Aeration allows a lawn to inhale and exhale successfully.

When you schedule an aeration appointment, a Perficut technician will make consistent passes across your lawn with a core aerator, removing small plugs of soil. Creating these small channels through the layers of your turf is key to getting air, light, water, and nutrients down to the roots of your turf grass, as well as allowing extra water to be released.


Over time, even the healthiest of lawns will naturally thin and age with normal use. Spreading new seed keeps your turf evolving, so there is healthy new growth occurring each year.
At Perficut, we time our overseeding application to take best advantage of the warm soil temps (which are excellent for germination), cool evening air (which stimulates growth), and the consistent moisture of the spring and fall months. Having this option twice a year gives you the flexibility to pick what works for you. Not sure? Our team of technicians will evaluate your lawn and make an overseeding plan for your unique lawn.


A happy lawn is built on a solid foundation—and that foundation is soil that has the right nutrients, minerals, moisture, and beneficial microorganisms to support the healthy growth of your grass.
Soil is different wherever you live, so at Perficut, we start with a detailed analysis of your exact soil composition. Then our knowledgeable technicians will identify areas that need improvement, and recommend a specialized treatment and conditioning plan.


Perficut’s lawn fertilizer isn’t just a one-size-fits-all application of turf food. It’s a complex composition designed to stimulate growth, feed and provide nutrients, keep down weeds, and boost root development. It’s the best meal your lawn will ever be served! And we dish it out it five times a year: early spring, spring, summer, fall, plus a late-fall winterizing formula designed to help your lawn reawaken full of the nutrients and none of the weeds.

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