The Importance of Healthy Trees

At Perficut we like to say that healthy trees are happy trees. When it comes to keeping the trees in your yard happy, there are a variety of things you can do to ensure their long-term health.

From regular care by trained professionals to do-it-yourself solutions, there are many ways to care for your trees.

Why it’s Important to Properly Maintain Residential Trees

Before you can properly care for your trees, it’s important to understand why a comprehensive, long-term tree health plan is vital. There are many reasons why residential tree health is important. Considering that many tree species can live as long as 200 to 300 years, a thoughtful tree program will ensure that your outdoor space remains an investment that will offer enjoyment and value for decades to come.

When trees are properly maintained they produce better fruit, flowers and leaves, adding to your home’s overall curb appeal. Not only are healthy trees more aesthetically appealing, but unmaintained trees can cause very real safety concerns for homeowners. Large, unpruned branches can crack and fall, injuring people or causing costly property damage.

4 Ways to Maintain Your Trees


Next to watering, pruning is the most common residential tree maintenance procedure. It is often necessary to improve tree structure, enhance vigor or maintain safety.

Removing foliage from a tree can have distinct effects on its growth. After pruning, the growth that occurs takes place on fewer shoots, so the new growth tends to be longer and stronger than it would have bene without pruning. Some trees must only be pruned during the winter months when the tree is dormant so it’s important to consult a trained professional to ensure the tree’s health.


Like all plants, trees require certain essential minerals to function and grow. However, soil conditions in our community can vary greatly, making the proper selection and use of fertilizer a complex process.

Our Perficut Arborist will arrange to have your soil laboratory tested and give advice on application rates and timing as well as the best blend of fertilizer for each of your trees.


Tree owners often overlook that a significant aspect of tree health is the root system that remains out of sight beneath the surface. Mulching is an effective way to reduce environmental stress by providing trees with a stable root environment that is cooler and contains more moisture than surrounding soil. Regular mulching also protects the tree’s trunk and helps prevent competition from weeds and turf.

Perficut also offers a variety of mulch layer options, including composted wood chips, peat moss, pine straw and other organic materials.


In addition to regular fertilization, treatments specific to your tree’s known issues are an essential part of their health. Oftentimes, trees that would otherwise be removed can be kept in good health through a regular treatment regimen. Our team offers prescriptive solutions for disease or insect problems as well as nutrient deficiencies that can impact tree health.

We Can Help Your Trees Grow Strong

Our team is made up of industry-leading arborists who don’t take tree health lightly. Let us go out on a limb for you!

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