Hot Pink Deicer

Our team is excited to share that this year you’ll be seeing pink sidewalks around the Des Moines metro thanks to our new deicing salt! Perficut made the decision to switch from plain white salt to this pop of uplifting color in support of people fighting breast cancer. Not only is this a great way to show our support for these individuals but it’s also our way of giving back during the winter months.

This product comes from a company called Hot Pink Deicer, a Brighton, Michigan-based company which created this product to make a difference in the community. Each year a portion of the company’s proceeds go to families dealing with the financial and emotional burdens of breast cancer. In fact, Perficut’s partnership with Hot Pink Deicer will help families living in the Des Moines metro area. Since 2010, Hot Pink Deicer has helped up to eight families each year through financial gifts generated by deicer sales.

Owners Troy and Linda Clogg work with hospital social workers to identify patients who are struggling financially. Then, they meet with these recipients personally to hear about their story and deliver their gift. The Cloggs are truly passionate about helping people—a mission we can connect with at Perficut. Our team hopes Perficut’s participation can help them make an even greater impact this year and in years to come. We are honored to be a part of future stories likes these through the impact Hot Pink Deicer has made in the dozens of lives.

While Hot Pink Deicer has an incredible philanthropic mission, it’s commercial-grade product also gets the job done. Hot Pink Deicer is safe for pets, safer for the environment, and helps keep paved areas safe and ice-free for pedestrians on all of our commercial sites. Our winter goal is to keep your business as safe as possible and that means using the best product we can find. We’re proud to stand behind Hot Pink Deicer.

This winter when you see pink sidewalks around Des Moines, we hope it makes you smile knowing the impact our commitment has on local families in need.


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