Why You Need a Snow Management Plan

snow removal at MercyOne hosiptal

One of the best things about living in the Midwest is that we get to experience all four seasons. Whether you’re a hot weather fan or you love layering on the blankets, Nebraska and Iowa offer something for everyone. As a business owner, though, the ever-changing weather can be a real source of stress all year long, as you try to navigate extreme temps in either direction. This can be especially true when the flakes really start to fly. Winter brings snow, which is its own challenge, but it also brings wind, ice, and plenty of risky situations.

Perficut is your year-round partner, ready to step up long before it’s time for you to dig out your mittens. We understand that snow is only pretty if you’re cozied up on the couch with nowhere to go. When you’re trying to run a business and keep your workforce safe and productive, snow and ice can be major roadblocks. That’s where we come in.

Client Case Study

Snow and ice removal can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. If your current plan is causing headaches and stress, let Perficut step in as your problem-solving partner. That’s what we recently did with MercyOne Des Moines. When Perficut began working with MercyOne, the healthcare provider was managing snow removal in-house. Perficut took a close look at MercyOne’s existing plan with its many pain points and immediately saw opportunities for increased efficiency and safety. We worked with the hospital to create a more streamlined snow and ice program, resulting in significant cost savings and much less stress for MercyOne’s team.

“When we put out an RFP for our site maintenance, Perficut rose to the top automatically. They have a commitment to the task at hand and the quality of their work is always amazing. Matt (Boelman) and the Perficut team are dedicated to relationships and always go above and beyond expectations. Perficut is a company that gets the job done — even if it’s outside of their scope. They truly do it all!” – Diane Cummings, MercyOne

Our 8-Step Snow Plan

We offer a comprehensive eight-step ice and snow program that starts long before you’re craving hot chocolate. Perficut’s program starts with a comprehensive pre-season inspection and a thorough snow and ice plan so that you’re ready for the harshest Midwest winter. Once we’re in the thick of the season, Perficut offers ongoing weather monitoring. We’ve got our eyes on the forecast and are ready to mobilize if the meteorologists are right about that epic winter storm. We’ll also stay on top of equipment maintenance, so that we can stay ahead of the weather. Add all these pieces together, and you get a best-in-industry program that will help you mitigate risk, save you money, and keep your business running smoothly.

The snow plan we developed for MercyOne worked out so well that the client called back when the snow finally melted and today Perficut provides year-round maintenance for their campuses. No matter your needs or challenges, Perficut is by your side through winter storm warnings and summer heat waves.

Looking for a new partner for snow and ice management?

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