How Indoor Plants Nourish Your Workplace

Bright leafy greens aren’t just healthy for our bodies, they’re good for our minds, too. Interacting with plants in an indoor environment has been shown to lower stress, elevate mood, and boost brainpower. It’s science, folks! Take the advice of Perficut team member Lisa Fazio, landscape production manager, when she says, “Plants bring calm and tranquility to the workplace. If you go to a park, you’re going to feel better, and this way you’re bringing a park indoors.”

Growing plants indoors won’t be a chore. Our team members will design a plan to meet your needs, install the perfect array of plants, and then maintain them with water, nutrition, and care. Let Perficut get you—and your business—growing.


More than 85 percent of a person’s daily life is spent indoors, according to a study published in the Journal Physiological Anthropology in 2015, and the increased amount of time spent interacting with technology leads to more stress. “Indoor plants have drawn the attention of the scientific community because of their various benefits: They enhance job satisfaction in office workers, reduce psychological stress, improve mood states, and enhance cognitive health,” the study states.

When office workers in Japan, who participated in a different study, were able to interact with plants, their pulses lowered measurably. Even just seeing a plant from their office space had benefits: “Both passive and active involvement with plants in the workplace were considered for their contribution to mitigation of stress and fatigue,” according to the American Society for Horticultural Science, which published an article about the study in January 2020.

Our team members know the science, but they also know from their own experience that plants can make you happy. Period. As human beings, we crave a connection to nature. And indoor plants are the best way to nurture that connection when we’re at work. “Nature relaxes people,” Lisa says. “Indoor plants bring calm to a space.”


Monsteras. Split-leaf philodendrons. Stromanthe. Do the names make your head spin? Not ours! Team Perficut is up on all the latest trends in indoor plants, and we know what will work—and look great—in your particular environment. Lots of sun? Little sun? Low water? No water? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

And once the plants are in place, we’ll follow up with prescribed maintenance. If you have a green-thumb on your staff who wants to take on the watering and trimming, great! But if your team is just too busy, we’ll take care of the caring for you. Watering, feeding, pruning, and cleanup are all services we offer.

So if you want to give your employees the best environment where they can do their best work—and at the same time welcome visitors with a healthy, Instagram-worthy environment—let Perficut grow your indoor plants.


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