close up headshot of Eric Petersen

17 Apr: Eric Petersen

“The teamwork that has developed across every department at our company is one of the most impressive things I have…

Nick Hutchinsonn headshot in the perficut office

17 Apr: Nick Hutchinson

“The best thing about working at Perficut is the camaraderie among everyone. We have such a friendly atmosphere here and…

Mindy Charron headshot

17 Apr: Mindy Charron

“Perficut has always encouraged me to better myself and helped me reach my career goals. The hard work has paid…

close up headshot of Kasandra Diaz Tovar

29 Aug: Kasandra Diaz

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work for a company that offers many great opportunities for everyone. And that not only…

close up headshot Of Bob Runyon outside

29 Aug: Bob Runyon

“Perficut! What can I say?! It’s the greatest company in the universe. Great people, great clients, and a great culture.”