Zac Christensen


Zac Christensen is one of Perficut’s Account Managers. Each day, he strives to take care of clients by being the link between them and Perficut’s production team. His role is to find solutions to enhance the client’s property to make it the best site possible, whether that involves landscaping, irrigation, snow removal—or all of Perficut’s services.

One way Zac lives our core values is by really putting his all into his weekly site visits. By routinely checking on properties, meeting with site supervisors, and working with service partners, Zac is making sure Perficut is delivering the best possible service and solutions.

Favorite Food
Short rib ragu

Golfing, travelling, and spending time with his wife and daughter

Pet Peeve
People driving slow in the fast lane

Early Bird or Night Owl
Early bird

Go-to Karaoke Song
Anything Whitney Houston