Lucas Mcdonald

Director of Snow Operations – Omaha

Lucas McDonald is Perficut’s Director of Snow Operations in Omaha, which means he oversees all services related to snow and ice events for our customers in the Omaha metro area. It’s a big job, and Lucas is up for the challenge. He likes to double- or even triple-check the details of every task.

The complex, around-the-clock work involved in taking care of our clients’ commercial sites during a snow and ice event requires a group effort, and Lucas is especially proud of the teamwork at Perficut. In fact, Henry Ford’s famous quote, “If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself” really speaks to him.

Favorite TV Show
Peaky Blinders

Favorite Season

Boating and hanging out with family

Pet Peeve

Early Bird or Night Owl
Early Bird

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