Des Moines

Mindy Charron headshot

23 Sep: Mindy Charron

Mindy Charron is Perficut’s Board Certified Master Arborist. Mindy is responsible for the company’s tree health services as well as…

headshot of Shawna Heikens

20 Jun: Shawna Heikens

Shawna Heikens is Perficut’s Accounts Payable and Purchasing Manager. Day-to-day she is responsible for paying vendor bills, filling purchase orders…

photo of JC Obrecht outside

30 Jul: JC Obrecht

JC Obrecht is one of Perficut’s Senior Account Managers. JC specializes in account retention, which involves creating lasting partnerships with…

Ryan Abbas headshot

08 Apr: Ryan Abbas

Ryan Abbas is one of Perficut’s Senior Account Managers. On a daily basis, Ryan ensures his clients’ needs are being…

Nick Hutchinsonn headshot in the perficut office

11 Nov: Nick Hutchinson

Nick Hutchinson is one of Perficut’s Account Managers. On a daily basis Nick ensures that clients’ needs are taken care…

Chris McKone headshot

10 Dec: Chris McKone

Chris McKone is Perficut’s Association and Residential Account Manager. He works closely with our residential clients and homeowner’s associations to…

Dustin Johnson headshot

01 Jun: Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is Perficut’s Mowing Production Manager. On a daily basis he works to ensure quality and productivity from Perficut’s…

headshot of Chris Cocherell outside

16 Jul: Chris Cocherell

Chris Cocherell is one of Perficut’s Project Managers and Estimators. Chris is responsible for estimating jobs and overseeing day-to-day operations.

headhsot of Jeff Goode outside

30 Jul: Jeff Goode

Jeff Goode is one of Perficut’s Project Managers in the Landscape Construction Division. That’s a lot of words to say…

Doug Fulton outside

11 Jul: Doug Fulton

As Perficut’s Safety Director, Doug Fulton is responsible for initiating new safety processes and maintaining a comprehensive safety program. Doug…