Kreg Tool Headquarters

Ankeny, IA


Kreg Tool reached out to us to make sure the plants in their new headquarters matched the stunning interior. Perficut’s Floral Design team visited the site several times to draw inspiration from the wood and natural elements used in the building design. The new space was all about bringing the outside environment inside to Kreg Tool’s employees, and we chose specific colors and textures that emphasize that connection. From planters to specific plants chosen, everything was thoughtfully selected to work with the light and air flow of the new building.

The space is full of natural and artificial light, and our team selected a wide variety of plants for the 14 planter pops located throughout the building. Our team visits the site two times each week to water and maintain the plants. These check-in visits also give us an opportunity to understand air flow in the space and give each plant the best chance of succeeding.

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