Beyond Basic Budgets: Why Pre-Planning Matters

We’ve all heard the old construction adage to measure twice, cut once. The idea here is that a little bit of extra planning can go a long way toward a successful project. At Perficut, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer our commercial clients comprehensive pre-budget planning services. By putting in the time and work up front, our clients are set up for success well before the shovel hits the dirt.

Pre-Planning Perks

At Perficut, pre-planning goes beyond basic number-crunching and reviewing plans. We are truly a partner, coming alongside our clients to figure out how to create next-level design while also coming in on budget. The process is tailored to match each client’s needs, but, we always start by reviewing preliminary plans and identifying opportunities for cost savings and improvements, such as using a different rock mix or reconfiguring tree placement. After a thorough review of your preliminary plans, we put together recommendations based on our extensive commercial landscaping experience. With hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes under our belt, we draw from that real-world experience to advise clients through the planning process.

More Than Money

three team members working on landscaping

But the pre-planning process isn’t just about budget. We also focus on feasibility and sustainability. This may look like changing it up with plants that will thrive in the humid Iowa and Nebraska weather or swapping concrete with permeable pavers for run-off. The Perficut team partners closely with you to make sure that the plans that look amazing on paper translate to the real world in a way that is affordable and sustainable. We know the commercial landscaping process isn’t just about immediate gratification. You may be maintaining the project for the next decade or more, so we want to make sure your choices today make sense in the long run.

Our budget pre-planning service is just one more way that Perficut serves as a trusted advisor to clients. We’re here to look over those plans with a magnifying glass, getting out in front of issues before they become headaches.

“The pre-planning is really a value add to our clients,” says Dan Mertes, Perficut’s director of construction. “Perficut is looking to partner up with clients on a long-term basis, bring expertise with the pre-planning to ensure that job gets done right and under budget.”

Mertes acknowledges that many projects make it to fourth or fifth budget revisions. Getting the budget nailed down is a major part of the project, and Perficut is here to help you make that happen. Whether it’s the first or the fourth or the sixth revision, we’re by your side to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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