Cassie OBrien

Cassie O’Brien

Chief Operating Officer

Cassie O’Brien is Perficut’s Chief Operating Officer. On a daily basis Cassie works to create game plans that make her team and the company as a whole better. Through her work at Perficut, Cassie is building a solid foundation for the company’s operations for years to come.

Perficut’s motto to “live the details” is embodied is Cassie’s work through her aggressive planning. She is dedicated to getting the job doneā€”even if it requires an all-nighter with the help of a few RedBulls.

Favorite Season

Favorite Thing About Working at Perficut
Seeing everyone become better versions of themselves each day

Running, hot yoga and analyzing data

Pet Peeve
Improper grammar

Hidden Talent
I can shove an entire donut in my mouth.